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Logypal can incorporate your company logo, product name and advertising slogan thanks to our PVC snap-fit label which fits into the pallet body. Guaranteed adhesion, resistant to handling and accidental impacts.
This advertising space measures 115×35 mm. and as your convenience can be personalised in a wide choice of colours and graphics, supplied with a scratch proof and chemical resistant surface finish without excessive additional costs even for small orders.
No special tool or instrument is required to affix the PVC labels which takes approximately just 2 seconds, and you can do it yourself on site.


Customizing your pallet in addition to company advertising and product promotion, your customers will see Logypal as yours which is to be returned. Logypal offers considerable savings compared to purchasing conventional pallets which are considered throw-away packaging products (view gallery).


A product barcode can be printed next to your company logo, or if there are more products, the barcodes can printed onto personalised PVC labels which are affixed using adhesive strips onto the pallet body which guarantees perfect adhesion unlike the polymers used in conventional plastic pallets.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) SYSTEM

What it is and what it’s for RFID is used for identifying and scanning chip tags and reads the information using radio transmission technology. The intelligent label or tag consists of a chip which contains the information and an antenna which transmits and receives information from the scanner.
This new technology has improved the supply chain offering new logistical benefits compared to traditional barcodes.
The barcode has to be manually positioned in proximity of the barcode scanner using a conveyor system or forklift truck. This means the product (assembled parts in production, bags, boxes, containers etc.) have to be physically moved so that the scanner can read the barcode.
RIFD technology instead offers the possibility of reading the tag without coming into direct visual contact with the tag, can read more than one tag at the same time, offers the operator the possibility of modifying data contained in the tag, all without having to physically move the goods.


The chip tag is affixed to the inside of the recess where the snap-fit personalised label is positioned. This can be done by you on site.